Crystal Fantry—Program Director

Crystal Fantry joined Wolfram in 2009. She holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and education from Stonehill College and a master's degree in mathematics from Boston College. Crystal is a certified math teacher by the Massachusetts Department of Education and has multiple years of teaching experience at the high school and college levels. She currently teaches upper school math at Beaver Country Day School and continues to work with Wolfram on educational initiatives and Mathematica Summer Camp. Her passion for mathematics started at a very young age and continues to grow.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013

Catherine Boucher—Program Director

Catherine Boucher joined Wolfram in 1998. She is currently the Executive Director of Special Projects for Wolfram. Her team is responsible for early development of new initiatives at Wolfram including those focused on K–12 education. She and her team led the original development of Wolfram|Alpha and currently handle its mathematical content, parser development, and partnerships. She is also a founding director for the Wolfram Foundation. Catherine received her PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013

Carol Cronin—Program Administrator

Carol Cronin joined Wolfram in 1996 and leads the program administration for our education initiatives including Wolfram Sponsorships, Wolfram Foundation, and the Mathematica Summer Camp. She attended Eastern Illinois University, has six kids, and serves on her school district's Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013


Erin CraigMathematica Programming Instructor

Erin Craig graduated from New College of Florida with a BA in mathematics. Inspired by the beauty of both algebra and automata, she spent her final year of college at University of California, Berkeley exploring a class of cellular automata over 2n colors that have a relationship to the dihedral groups. Erin attended the NKS Summer School in 2009, where she explored reducibility of string substitution systems. She joined Wolfram Research as a software developer in 2009, and now leads the team developing math content for Wolfram|Alpha.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013

Peter Barendse—Complexity and Chaos Instructor

Peter Barendse attended the University of Vermont and received his PhD in mathematics from Boston University in 2010. The topic of his doctoral dissertation was combinatorial large cardinal hypotheses. He has published articles online and in The Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan.

His scholarly interests are mathematical logic, dynamical systems, theoretical computer science, physics, philosophy, and economics. Besides these, he enjoys teaching, playing sports, debating, watching and making movies, and traveling.

YEARS: 2012

Kyle Keane—Statistics Instructor

Kyle joined Wolfram in 2012 as a research programmer. His main areas of interest are the pedagogical effectiveness of interactive graphics, physics education, accessibility, and improved user experience. Kyle received a PhD in physics from the University of California, Riverside. His academic research focuses on utilizing weak quantum measurements to protect quantum systems from Markovian decoherence.

YEARS: 2013

Special Lecturer

Stephen Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, the author of A New Kind of Science, and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. Having started in science as a teenager (he got his PhD at age 20), Wolfram had a highly successful career in academia before founding Wolfram Research.

Wolfram has a lifelong committment to education, and has been actively involved in mentoring young students, as well as in developing new techniques for the classroom. At the Summer School, he will lecture and lead discussion sessions.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013

Teaching Assistants

Michael Sollami—TA/Speaker

Michael is currently a research programmer in the Applied Research Group at Wolfram Research. He finished his masters and doctorate in pure mathematics at the University of Wyoming and is now working on various aspects of Wolfram|Alpha and future versions of Mathematica. His interests include music theory, complexity theory, and approximation algorithms.

YEARS: 2012

Mark Lawton—TA/Speaker

Mark has twenty years of experience utilizing technology in the teaching of math and physics.

Mark has a master's degree in engineering from University of California, Berkeley and a master's of liberal arts from St John's College, as well as two undergraduate degrees from Syracuse University. Mark enjoys kiteboarding, rock-climbing, cycling, and creative writing.

YEARS: 2012

Matthew Hoek—TA/Speaker

Matt teaches high school mathematics at Columbia Prep School in New York City. He has taught there for nine years and uses Mathematica in the classroom. Matt earned a BS in math and physics from St. Lawrence University. He enjoys patterns and puzzles, and he's excited to be part of the Summer Camp.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013

Christopher Wolfram—TA/Speaker

Christopher Wolfram is currently 14 years old. He has been writing Mathematica programs for approximately 5 years. He has given a number of public lectures about Mathematica, and has tutored both young and old about Mathematica. He enjoys many kinds of hardware and software technology.

YEARS: 2012 | 2013

Nick Brandaleone—TA/Speaker

Nick has been a member of the Boston high-tech community for over twenty years. His expertise is in networking, software, and computer security. Nick has a master's degree from Harvard University in math and teaching. His hobbies include electronics, chess and puzzles, walking his dog, and most importantly, watching his kids grow and excel.

YEARS: 2013

Chip Hurst—TA/Speaker

Chip Hurst joined Wolfram in 2011. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master's degree in mathematics from Purdue University. He has experience teaching in graduate school and loves helping people learn. Currently, Chip is a math content developer for Wolfram|Alpha, concentrating mainly on Step-by-step solutions. His scholarly interests include analytic number theory, algorithms, and numerical methods.

YEARS: 2013

Rick Hennigan—TA/Speaker

Rick recently completed a bachelor's degree in mathematics at Salem State University. His research interests primarily involve computational topology and geometry with a focus on algorithms for computing the persistent homology of large high-dimensional datasets. Aside from mathematics, Rick has interests in astronomy, cycling, and all things related to space exploration.

YEARS: 2013

Guest Speakers
Eric Rowland2012
Vitaliy Kaurov2012 | 2013

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